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Terms and Rates


INQUIRIES FOR Manila Wedding Musicians Philippines

As our company policy (since we started), We don't give our rates through emails or text messages (Inquiries). We only reply via emails and text messages if the Inquiry is already our client. However, CALL INQUIRIES will be entertained at anytime (professional reasons). Thank you very much.... 



TERMS - For Client

  1. Fifty percent (50%) down payment  will be paid by the client in cash through bank deposit. Amount paid upon booking is non-refundable/transferable upon cancellation of services. The balance shall be paid in cash 2 weeks before the event or earlier through bank deposit. Balance may also be paid by check no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event. Clients can  deposit payments directly to these banks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   a.)  BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (BPI) Savings Account no. 3116 2769 39  Caloocan Branch, Enrico Braza (account name)                                                                      b.)  BANCO DE ORO (BDO) Savings Account no.0018 4028 2485 Marilao Branch, Enrico Braza (account name)



FOR CORPORATE EVENTS OR SPECIAL EVENTS - 50% Down Payment (cash)  and Balance (cash payment) on the day of the event or earlier.


  1. After paying the reservation fee, The client should send  via email  the deposit slip (scanned) together with all the information in regards to the client's event. Type of package whether Duo, Trio, Quartet, etc., Client's contact numbers and email addresses, TIme and Date of the event, Church  (name and location), Reception venue, Musician's attire (barong tagalog or coat and tie), Maps, etc..... As soon as we received all the information, Enrico Braza will send the contract with his signature via email.

  2. Performance time of the musicians for the reception will be 3 hours inclusive of breaks (cocktail music - 3 to 5 songs, dinner music - 45 minutes, invocation, cake cutting & wine toasting, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, couples first dance) . Performance time for the church wedding ceremony will be for the whole duration (1 - 2 hours) of the ceremony. Performance time exceeding 3 hours (reception) will be charged 1000 pesos per hour per performer.

  3. Our musicians will provide music (accompaniment) to any guest of the couple who would like to render a song number but NOT to the singing host/coordinator or any supplier. Enrico Braza (Musical Director) will be in charge of the song line-up chosen and requested by the client.

  4. Clients shall provide meals - Hotel Plate meal,  Buffet meal or Meal allowance of 500 pesos per performer which should also be paid 2 weeks before the event or earlier. We don't accept Crew Meals and Packed Meals...Ty.

  5. The maximum time gap between the ceremony and reception should be 30 minutes only, If the distance between the church ceremony and the reception is more than 30 minutes, the excess time will be consumed as part of our 3 hour service at the reception.

  6. Clients may request for a specific singer / musicians depending on their availability if they are not yet booked on the requested date. If unexpected circumstances occur like accident, death or any other emergency, Enrico Braza's Entertainment Center has the right to send a substitute singer who also has the same level of professionality to the previously chosen artist. 

  7. Songs requested by the client  CHOSEN FROM OUR REPERTOIRE should be submitted one month before the event or earlier via email. Songs requested by the client which are NOT IN OUR REPERTOIRE  will be provided by Enrico Braza (subject to approval). Once agreed, a recording of the song should be provided by the client 15 days before the event or earlier. Requested songs not listed in the repertoire will be charged 1000 pesos each. These songs will be personally arranged by Mr. Enrico Braza.

  8. Clients will be charged P 3000 pesos (1 hour minimum - 2 hours maximum) for rehearsal (pianist only) with any performer who needs accompaniment.  Arrangement of his/her song (music) should be provided by the client if the song (music) is not in our repertoire. A studio for the rehearsal should also be provided.

  9. A sound reinforcement system is highly recommended. We recommend 1 microphone per performer. SOUND SYSTEM to be provided by the client.

  10. Client will pay 50% of the contract price if cancellation has been made a month or less before the event date.

TERMS - For Artist

  1. The Artist shall perform for the whole duration (as appropriate) of the Church or Christian wedding ceremony and, if so contracted, shall play in the Reception for a maximum of 3 Hours (inclusive of breaks) for the reception and Whole duration ( church wedding ceremony ).

  2. The Artist should be in formal attire (Barong tagalog, coat and tie, dress or gown for females).

  3. The Artist shall provide accompaniments for Guest singers/performers.

  4. The Artist's assembly call time should be an hour before the actual performance in preparation for the setup, sound checking, and coordinating with technicians, guest singers and wedding coordinators.

  5. The Artist (musicians and singers) should always execute a PERFORMACE LEVEL (performance)... 



                      Thank you for considering us. Enrico Braza's Entertainment Center

promises to provide the Best Manila Wedding Musicians and REAL MUSIC to entertain you and your guests.



1.)  METRO MANILA (transportation included) for Manila, Quezon City, Pasig 

2.)  NEARBY PROVINCIAL RATES (transportation included) for Marikina, Alabang, Cavite

3.)  PROVINCIAL RATES (transportation not included) for Bulacan, Tagaytay, Rizal, Batangas, Pampanga






  1. SOLOIST - Solo pianist , Solo violinist , Solo singer (male/female)

  2. DUO    - (piano+singer) or (piano+flute) or  (piano+violin)  or  (guitar+flute) OR
    Client's choice of combination

  3. TRIO   - ( piano+singer+violin) or ( piano+singer+flute) or( piano+flute+violin)
    OR Client's choice of combination.

  4. QUARTET  - ( piano+singer+violin+bass)  or ( piano+singer+flute+violin)
    OR Client's choice of combination.

  5. QUINTET  - ( piano+singer+violin1+violin2+bass)  or ( piano+singer+flute+violin+bass)
    OR Client's choice of combination.

  6. SEXTET  - (piano + 2 singers + Violin + flute + bass)
    OR Client's choice of combination

  7. SEVEN PIECE  ENSEMBLE  -  5 Instrumentalists (clients choice of combination) + 2 singers

     Clients choice of performers and instrumentalists may include - piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, flute, male vocalist, female vocalist. Additional musicians exceeding 7 piece group can be negotiated. This musician setup includes Manila Wedding Musicians for Weddings, Debuts, Corporate Events, etc. Ty